NAR Compressed Gauze


North American Rescue Compressed Gauze is a high-quality, ultra-compact 100% cotton gauze roll that uses a unique crumpled weave for excellent fluid absorption.


Compressed NAR gauze is an essential part of any medical kit and can be used to control hemorrhage in conjunction with a compression bandage.


NAR Compressed Gauze:


• 4.5 in x 4.1 m Sterile gauze, 6 layers, 100% cotton


• Compressed and coiled gauze is ideal for wound dressing and wrapping


• Unique pleated weave ensures excellent fluid absorption


• Ultra-compact size that extends to cover larger areas of wound


• Used as a supporting gauze for hemostatic agents, in conjunction with a compression bandage to control haemorrhage


• CE marking




• Sterile

NAR Compressed Gauze

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