Tom Skaar 

Shooting instructor and responsible for NRA graduation


Tom joined Auriex in 2014. He works there regularly as a shooting instructor. In Norway, he has now become one of the best instructors (International Practical Shooting Confederation) - International Confederation of Practical or Tactical Shooting.


He is a sniper in most IPSC divisions and expert in 3 types of firearms. Tom is a certified NRA instructor for guns, guns and shotguns.


He has also become a reference in tactical training and training. He trained with members of the Israeli special forces in the areas of personal protection. As well as in counter-terrorism training in high-risk areas. He was also trained by the staff of the US Seal team. Tom's first fight dates back to 1985. He was part of the Special Armed Forces and served for 17 years. When he has a little time left, Tom devotes him to diving, parachuting and his family.