Maxime Fuentes 

President - Chief Executive Officer


Maxime is co-founder of Auriex in charge of the strategic and operational aspects of the company. Experienced in safety and security, he regularly ensures the protection of personalities in the most unstable areas of the globe. Its reliability, rigor and dedication are essential keys to constantly developing innovative techniques.


Creative and versatile, Maxime creates effective and modern processes in the world of Tactical Medicine. For him, training a maximum of people in tactical medicine is a novelty but above all a necessity. A fortiori following the dramatic attacks of recent years, perpetrated around the world. With his knowledge of the field and his skills, he raised Auriex to a level of excellence in just a few years.


From the Ministry of Defense in the "Aidman Special Operations" unit, Maxime has worked many times in Afghanistan, Lebanon and the most volatile African countries. Decorated as part of his military career, he is today a versatile entrepreneur. And place his experience as a guarantee of Auriex's success.


Maxime particularly enjoys being outdoors. A cross-fit, diving and parachuting enthusiast, he enjoys sharing meals with his closest friends. Often on the move as part of his missions, he spends a lot of time with his family.